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How to deposit in

Top Up via USD bank account

Before deposit in FasaPay, please fill deposit form thoroughly and accurately, our bank account number will be appear in the end of deposit form. Here the steps :

  1. Login to member area
  2. Choose Transaction > Deposit > Bank Transfer
  3. Fill deposit form thoroughly and accurately
  4. Choose your currency (USD)
  5. Choose your bank you will use to send fund to FasaPay bank account.
  6. Fill in the Top-Up amount without point (.) or comma (,)
  7. Fill in additional info if needed (Before you click process, please recheck you have entered correct numbers)
  8. Click Process Button
  9. Confirm deposit, Check approval column. Click New Transaction Confirmation to finish your deposit form 
  10. Deposit form request finish. You will get batch number (TUxxx). Please include this batchnumber in bank note when sending fund to our bank account.
  11. After we receive the funds , we will process it in our Service Hour according to the incoming transaction queueIf the transaction has been processed, you will be notified via email.
  12. Deposit Form is automatically cancelled if we do not receive your funds within 5 working days.



Top Up via  IDR bank account / MasterChanger

Generally, you need to do 2 steps:

First, Top UP to FI account :

Second, Top UP your FP account :

1. Go to and log in to member area.
2. Choose Transaction menu and click TopUp submenu, select MasterChanger Method
3. Next, you will be taken to a deposit form page where you need to finish all the deposit steps.
4. Fill the Deposit Transaction Data

  •     To Currency * (choose USD if you want USD currency, choose IDR if you want IDR currency)
  •     Amount Send * (fill the ammount according to the ammount of money you will transfer from your FI account)
  •     MasterChanger (choose any MasterChanger available)
  •     Read the Exchange Rate and you can continue.
  •     From FasaPay Indonesia Account * (Choose your FI account number)
  •     Add Note if necessary
  •     Enter Verification Code

5. Click "CREATE" and In the next step you will be asked to send Rpxxx FI-IDR to FIxxx (FI epoin account, if you choose epoin).
6. After that you will receive $xxx FP-USD From FPxxx (FP MasterChanger account)
7. Check/Tick (V) the “Agreement Button” then you will be transfered to FasaPayID SCI Page
8. Login and Using this button please transfer Rpxxx to FIxxx (MasterChanger)
9. Click "Process"
10. Click “Back to Merchant” to check your Deposit transaction status/details