FasaPay Android

We would like to inform you that FasaPay mobile application is now available in playstore. For the detail service and the auth key, you can go to this link https://www.fasapay.com/en/features/mobileapp  and click on the Usage Guidelines and follow the steps.


Here are the steps to use Fasapay Android:

  1. Login to fasapay.com Member area https://www.fasapay.com/login.

  2. Make sure your fasapay.com account is active to use this facility.

  3. Choose SCI Application API menu

  4. Click Authorize New App to add new device

  5. Enter your device name and then click CREATE

  6. The device is successfully made. Save the AUTH_KEY (it will be used for Android registration).

  7. Open Google Play app in your android and search Fasapay.

  8. Install FasaPay Android and wait the process.

  9. Run the FasaPay Android application. After the Home screen showed up, click the Register tab.

  10. Fill the forms according to your Fasapay account and create your device password. It will be used to login in android. Enter the AUTH_KEY

  11. Click Register and wait the process until a notification “Registration is Success” show up in the screen and then press OK to continue login.

  12. Choose Login menu and enter your account number and the password device

  13. Finally, Fasapay Android is active.


Additional Note:

One AUTH_KEY is valid for one android device. Device password can be different from your usual account login. This feature is for security purpose if you may lost your android device. You can just delete the AUTH_KEY so that unauthorized person can not use your Fasapay Android.