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What are the image requirements for fasapay.com KYC (Know Your Customer) process?



Image Requirements for fasapay.com KYC process :

  • Scan/ photo of an International Passport (the valid date of International Passport is not less than 6 months)
  • Photo of yourself (selfie) holding a valid International Passport
  • Billing statement image (Billing statement of Credit Card / Electricity / Water / Gas / Telephone / TV Cabel / Internet) in jpg/jpeg/png format


  • Use jpg. /jpeg. / png. format with colored image
  • Maximum image size is 2 MB
  • Four edges of the identity are clearly shown
  • There must be a photograph of the ID owner
  • Readable image
  • Upright (not tilted 90' or 180')
  • There can be thin watermark on the image ID as long the data & photograph is still legible
  • There is page about the logo/symbol of the country or state regulations contained in the International passport
  • The validity period of identity image can not be less than 6 months


Not permitted Images for fasapay.com KYC process :

  • Other people's image or image with other people
  • Photo of yourself (selfie) does not match with the photo on the identity
  • The writing on the owner ID / photo is blocked
  • Maximum image size is more than 2 MB
  • ID Image is mirrored
  • ID Image and selfie image edited
  • ID Image and selfie image are blurred
  • ID Image and selfie image are too dark
  • ID Image and selfie image are too small
  • ID Image and selfie image are blocked by light reflections
  • ID Image and selfie image are black & white image / photocopies
  • ID Image and selfie image are truncated in the owner's writing and photo